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The Complete Package...........

To assist, coach and empower you in all areas of the Active Ageing, creating a successful business and giving you a solid foundation for success. Providing 3 levels of Mentorship support.

Healthy ageing institute

Package 1 - Business Start Up

We start from scratch, giving you everything you need to establish your business. before you open your doors. We cover the things that others don’t, including:
Assistance with your business name
Business registration
Business systems & software
Set up of your social media and website
How to choose a location
What services you can provide, physically or just online
Choosing Training Equipment
Looking at funding assistance for your business
Help set up a Community Based Fitness Business
Creation of joint ventures and establishing Health Professional Networks
Finding you Niche to help you stand out
Ongoing support and advice on a weekly and monthly basis
Closed FB group to ask questions and get advice.

Package II - Business Maintenance

It’s all about you! We look at your vision and Mission Statement and look at how to grow Your business by first growing yourself. Confidence builds Confidence:
SWAT Analysis of you and your business.
Tying your personal and business goals into a smooth integrated path.
Investigate current marketing and Social Media & give suggestions for better exposure.
Look at business Mindset and how you see others around you.
Payment plans set up, Accounting systems & invoicing
Looking for Staff and how to train them.
Establishing & Living your culture - How leading by example inspires staff buy in.
Deep dive into what services you will provide and options of revenue streams. (Product or service based on-selling).
Packaging and pricing of your services - (Debunking the Myth of Active Ageing not having money for your services)

Package III - Ongoing Education

Successful businesses continue to evolve and change with the times! Because our team are so passionate about helping our active Ageing Community, we continue to provide the most up to date:
Programming guidelines and courses, based on the latest research to ensure your business is delivering current practices.
Ongoing webinars on various topics to help you provide services that showcase you as an Authority for the Active ageing community.
Guest speakers on a monthly basis helping you to create stronger foundations for all of your clients.
Nutrition information
Marketing & Social Media
Training & Programming including Strength, Balance Falls Prevention, Functional Movement, Breathing and Stretching. Specialist information from experts in Cancer, Brain Health, Movement, Mind Body and Group Fitness Classes.

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