Education is our passport to the future. What we feed grows what we starve dies MASTER YOUR MIND and
you change your world and the world of others.


It’s time to start your training with the Ageing Population

Healthy ageing institute


The essential compressed guide to everything Active Ageing. These events showcase 2 to 3 day immersive learning experiences, providing you with specialist topics


Become an Authority through our Specialised Accredited Courses. Delivered by World Leaders who have trained 1000's of Health Professionals. These Courses range from 2hrs to 40 hrs


A blend of content coming directly to your Laptop or phone from our leading Experts. Webinars are generally 90min to 2hrs and offered Live or Pre-recorded


The complete package to assist, coach and empower you in all areas of the Active Ageing, creating a successful business and giving you a solid foundation for success. Providing 3 levels of Mentorship support. Package 1: Business Start UP. Package 2: Business Maintenance. Package 3: Ongoing Education

Why Educate Yourself With Us.........

We create a positive learning environment that educates and nurtures businesses and individuals so you get the most from your experience.

Successfully educated and trained 1000+ individuals small groups and businesses

Combined 60+ Years in the Health & Fitness Industry. Experience: International Presenters, Functional Ageing Specialists, Health Coaches, Personal Trainers

What You Get.....

At the Healthy Ageing Institute we provide many opportunities to grow your business through educating the over 50 population. 

Access to over 60 years of combined leadership, systems development and practical applications population. 

Guaranteed leading edge education and skill acquisition with First Class Global speakers via our Summits, Webinars and Online Courses.

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